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Engineering & Designing
Department Projects

Name Client
Consulting services, calculation and design of structures, architecture and electrical and mechanical installations of the profile production line of Kaveh Khuzestan Aluminum Company Kaveh Khuzestan Aluminium
Design and programming of load control and monitoring system of Siman Gharb Factory loader Siman Gharb
Performing consulting and engineering services to optimize the electricity network of Lorestan Petroshimi Lorestan Petroshimi
Consulting and engineering services to optimize the electricity network of Fajr Petroshimi Fajr Petroshimi
Carrying out studies on how to supply electricity to Kangan Petro Palayesh Company Kangan Petro Palayesh
Design and engineering, packaging and transportation, construction, installation and operation of CHP power plants in the area of ​​steelmaking and continuous rolling of Foolad Mobarakeh Foolad Mobarakeh
Engineering services of the third stage (high supervision and workshop) Power supply to internal network's pumping stations of Golfaraj Aras development plan East Azerbaijan Water Company
Consulting and engineering services to optimize the electricity network of "Fajr Petroshemi" Fajr Petroshemi
Engineering services of stages 1 and 2 of electricity and control and instrumentation of "Shahrekord Cement" development project Ehdas Management
"Siman Abeyk" engineering consulting and services Iran and India Cement Consulting Engineering Company

Executive Projects
Department Project

Name Client
Installation of electrical equipment and instrumentation of internal substations and processing area of ​​"Madkoosh" pelletizing factory Pars Karen Kar
Purchasing, design and engineering services, transportation, installation and commissioning of electrical panels and control of ladle-car transmission system converter gas transmission system project "Mes Sarcheshmeh" complex (EPC) Nipec
Purchase of low pressure electrical panel of casting wheel pumps, converter furnaces gas transfer project Nipec
Design and engineering, supply of electrical equipment and installation of control and instrumentation in the 110th area of "Mes Sarcheshmeh" Sabafam
Preparation and implementation of electrical and mechanical facilities (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) of "Bel Rouzaneh" factory located in Caspian industrial town Bel - Rouzaneh
Installation and commissioning of electrical equipment, control, precision instruments, plan to increase the capacity of "Siman Abek" Cement Factory Siman Abeyk
Installation and commissioning of electrical and control equipment and precision instruments, operation and pilot production of "Siman Saman Gharb" factory production line Siman Saman Gharb
Operation of the "Sabzevar Ferrochrome" factory production line Iran Minerals Production Company
Installation of fuel meters in "Kazerun" power plant Fars Regional Electricity Company
Installation and commissioning of electrical and control equipment and instrumentation, operation and pilot production of "Siman Mazandaran" factory production line Siman Mazandaran

Corrosion & Cathodic Protection
Department Project

Name Client
Cathodic protection and DCVG test Debal Complex
Procurement of cathodic protection system Pars Oil & Gas Company
Cathodic protection and online cathodic protection monitoring Tehran refinery
Erection & Commissioning of electrical posts of Mahshahr Exporting Dock Omran Sahel Company
(EPC).Design, Provision ,Erection, Commissioning of Electrical BOP for Kermanshah Gas Power Plant MAPNA (Expansion I)
Internal corrosion monitoring of pipelines for oil terminal plants in Kharg Island, Neka (Containing crude oil) and Assaluye (Containing gas condensates) Iranian Oil Terminals Company
Commissioning & Exploitation of Ferrochrome Ferrochrome Sabzavar Complex
Gas pipeline cathodic protection for Cerro Azul Cement plant in Venezuela Cerro Azul Cement plant in Venezuela
Consultancy and engineering services for the modification of electrical network for Lorestan Petrochemical Complex Lorestan Petrochemical Complex
Online cathodic protection monitoring of water pipeline (15 Khordad dam to Qom city) Qom Province Water & Waste-Water Company
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Energy Technical Inspection
Department Project

Name Client
Coordinated standard implementation plan (TAHA) ISIRI
Energy audit of "Siman Kiasar" factory Siman Kiasar
Energy audit of "Siman Darab" factory Siman Darab
Energy audit of "Siman Lamord" factory Lamord
Energy audit of "Siman Nahavand" factory Siman Nahavand
Energy audit of "Siman Bojnourd" factory Siman Bojnourd
Energy audit of "Siman Karoun" factory Siman Karoun
Energy audit of "Siman Gha'en" factory Siman Gha'en
Implementation of optimization measures in the building of "Si Otagheh" No. 2 (Saba) Energy Efficiency Organization of Iran
Supervising the implementation of energy consumption optimization projects in "Siman Ardestan" and "Siman Khuzestan" Energy Efficiency Organization of Iran